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Shameer, 28 Sep 2020

Very good

Shameer, 25 Sep 2020


such delicious food, always piping hot when delivered, great value for money. recommended every single time.

Sarah-Jane, 18 Sep 2020

Hello there, Brought the 3 x13" pizza deal last night along with a few other items, I've brought this 3 Pizza deal at least twice before and enjoyed it. Issue with this was at first when given It I carefully carried it horizontally back to Queens road like I do with any other Pizza I get from the town. But once home and opening up the Pizza's all 3 the toping and cheese had slid to mostly one half of the Pizza on all 3, I took some photos also at the time. This has never happened to me before now in many many years of take away Pizza, and it meant trying to eat some slices that has little cheese and hardly any topping on and the other half of the Pizza was like twice as thick with cheese and it sort or messed things up trying to sever and eat it. That's not a massive deal but was annoying however. Some of the Pizza was eat last night then put in the fridge and then reheated today in the oven. And we have two half Pizza left which make one whole Pizza if you get me in the fridge, which we may have to throw away. As last night I was a little ill after eating the Pizza and so was my Dad. My mum only had a little so was less effected. And today my sister had some we reheated in the oven and she was ill and had bad diarrhoea, which I have had a little of also. So yes, we were not sure last night if it was the Pizza or not but considering 3 out of 4 of us who eat some were not feeling to well after doing so, I felt I should mention this as it could be a storage issue or preparation issue. The Pizza's were not left around for long as in we eat some of them last night and put about 2's worth in the fridge shortly afterwards and reheated about half of one today in the oven. And one's worth is still in the box in the fridge. I must say it did not taste as good as normal like the ones ordered before so something did not seem right. Mr Ian Purnell 01992 598866 ipurnell&

Ian, 29 Aug 2020

  Reply : Hello Ian .Thank you so much for the order. Definitely you’re a welcoming loyal customer for the CFC.Firstly, I apologise for the inconvenience that pizzas were not delivered properly as they got slipped during delivery time. We make sure next time we won’t repeat the same when delivered. Secondly, there’s no chance of getting diarrhoea because eating of pizzas .. the dough prepared very freshly and the toppings immediately we’ll store under good hygiene conditions. Thank you From CFC

Good food

Anna, 01 Aug 2020

Hi there, just a quick message to the owner who I spoke to at length last night (27/07/2010). Thank you kindly for the Hot Fillet of Fire double ringer meal you sent me after our chat, was lovely. I was wondering if it was forgotten about as it did not turn up till after 8 pm but no issue as I like to eat a bit later anyway. The Fillet Burger was presented the best ever perfectly and no sticking to the cardboard either so top marks. And I appreciated the Large coleslaw, plus the extra piece of fried chicken was a perfect size and example of fried chicken and very tasty. I did noticed the fries came in a metal tray rather than the paper bags I normally get, I wondered if they were oven baked and what's what you did with them to distinguish them from deep fried, though I remember you saying you did not have and oven bake fries in stock. So will assume there were deep fried. The only comment if I may, was putting them into the metal try thing made them steam up and get a bit soggy when first opening though they did dry a little when put into a plate so were fine in the end. Though I'd recommend to stick with the white paper bags for the fries baked or deep fried as it stops them from steaming up and getting soggy. A minor point but I'd thought I make it. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the meal as it was very appreciated. No need to contact again, wish you all the best with things and any changes etc. Ian Purnell.

Ian, 28 Jul 2020

Great food and very tasty

Kelly, 09 Jul 2020

Great food

Aaron, 04 Jul 2020

Always good and value for money.

Mick, 30 Jun 2020


Robert, 28 Jun 2020

Nice food

Sophie, 20 Jun 2020


second order in a row the chicken burger bun has stuck to the box. I don't know why this happens? chicken burger was ruined again. the bun also tastes weird. please review. chicken wrap was good and chips were good.

Tom, 10 Jun 2020

  Reply : Hi Tom, Thank you so much for the order and for the review. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. That may happen due to machine overheat we guess..we check the fault where went wrong. On your next order we delight you with good service. Thank you Regards CFC team

Overall very good

Steve, 06 Jun 2020


John, 04 Jun 2020

Very good value for money also delivered within half an hour.

Andrew, 02 Jun 2020

Always good food from here, always hot, fast service

Lauren, 31 May 2020

easy to order and hot when it arrived

Steve, 16 May 2020

Fast delivery and nice food, I will definitely use you again. The delivery driver was also very polite.

Stuart, 15 May 2020


very tasty but missing 2 bits of chicken...

Gaz, 04 May 2020

Always great food

Fiona, 18 Apr 2020

Good food at a fair price. Quick delivery and a polite driver wearing gloves and mask. Top service

Robert, 18 Apr 2020

Like the fact I got a discount for ordering on line and collecting

Jane, 13 Apr 2020